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WELCOME TO FINAL FANTASY PARADISE WIKIA. A COMMUNITY DATABASE DEDICATED TO THE TUMBLR ROLEPLAY GROUP, FINAL FANTASY PARADISE. If you don't know anyone here, now is your chance to brush up on your memory because our people don't like being unknown knows, yes? That being said, they've all took out the time out to introduce themselves PSEUDO-formally so let's get that intellect spiked up ten more intelligence points!

About The Neverland of Fantasies…Edit

A sparkly place where rainbows stretch as far as the eye can see, and grass is no longer grass, it's multicolored Skittles and, well, everything is made out of Skittles. Even our dicks, which is commonplace when the deizens of FFP are concerned. This is the only place in the entire universe that has multicolored clouds, the sky is always a shade of bright yellow, and we tend to shit sucesses and piss gold. If one cranes their head to the left, they can catch the ever-ellusive, feral otter pet we keep, or get a glance at that ass, the booty belonging to Yuna that has now become a symbol for the Neverland of Fantasies. To the right, if you squint hard enough you can see Noctis and Cloud on the corner being cock buddies, getting their daily hussle on as Cloud daydreams of goat booty. In the winter time you can spot Rinoa, Squall and Shiva having something of a destructive threesome I imagine; frostbite is a nasty thing put perhaps it's a kink to them too. If you're still up and Faris hasn't hit you with that pirate boat due to inebriated driving, you can actually spot Vanitas and Kohana being brosicles and generally stirring up way more trouble than they're worth. Tifa seems to be keen on complimenting Snow for how big his dick seems to be, and in the eye of all this chaos, you can literally find poor Chaos huddled up in a corner trying to figure out how to code. It's an odd group, yes. Even odder because there are tons of other people probably chewing your ankles right now.

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